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Why you will need a snow park?

Today you should look at your ski resort more as an amusement park than just a ski resort. Your guests will be activated and a snow park is an important part of your activities (and a great marketing tool).
Most of the times it is the kids that decide where the family will go on vacation. Can you attract the kids to return to your ski resort, the parents (that have the money) will follow…

With a good snow park you can take control over the riding and make it safe for your guests.

Do you already have a snow park?

Do you have too many rider injuries?
Are you spending too many snow cat hours in the park?
Your snow park is probably too advanced for your target market.
Let us guess, have you listened too much to that local dude who wants to have all the latest cool features in your park?

Don´t take us wrong, off course you should listen to the riders and keep them involved. But what we are saying is that all riders know how a good jump should look like…

…but in a snow park you put features together and then you have to bring more variables in to the calculation.

We know how much the artificial snow costs you.
And how much the snow cat cost you per hour.
And how you should place the features in your park to get an efficient maintenance.
And what kind of features suits different target markets.

We are talking money, Yes it always comes down to money

It is endless how much money you can spend in a snow park.

Therefor is our most important Question to you;
-What is your target market?

We help you find your level that suits your target market and financial resources.

Have this in mind before you´re going bananas in your creativity.

1 snow cat hour more/day in maintenance in your park will over the winter cost you about 10 000€ extra. This means you need to sell about 300 day passes more.

-Is it worth it for your target market?

A well planned park, will save snow cat hours and daily maintenance…which means saving money at the end.

Relax, contact us and we will help you with all the planning.