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Sweden is not only meatballs.

Other stuff comes from Sweden too…us for example…

Snowpark Consulting AB have over the years done projects in 19 countries all over the globe.

See our projects.

We have faced different cultures, conditions, snow types etc. and met a lot of interesting people. All of this has given us a lot of experience and knowledge which we want to share with you and help you take your snow park to a higher level or make your event more successful.

Our philosophy is simple.
We love to make a difference, so riders can improve their skills. We also have a big portion of passion for what we are doing.
We are all riders and we all have long experience of snow cat driving and shaping, so we see the business from two sides.
We design and build not only from the riders needs when it comes to angles and shapes, but also from the drivers/shapers claims on timesaving maintenance etc.
We believe we can save you time and money in your snow park.

Contact us and we will tell you what we have in mind…