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We like to make a difference. For you, for your clients and for the business. Therefor is the most convenient for you to let us run your snow park. Our park crew will take care of everything from idea to safe landings.
Second best option (but still not bad) would be if you pick the parts from our concept you would need help with and we customize the deal for you.

Pre-season planning

We will help you look at the infrastructure, terrain, the snow making system etc. at your ski resort to help you find a good spot for your park. We also plan how to optimize the terrain with inground work already in the summer. That will save you snow and guarantee an early opening of your park.


Together with you we design a park that suits your specific target market and your financial resources. You will be involved during the whole process.

Snow planning

We plan your snowmaking, where and how to make the snow to avoid unnecessary push work for your snow cats. Will save you money.

Park construction

Out from the design we agreed on together with you, we build the park for your target market. All features will fit your customers and everybody will have fun instead of 5 riders are riding the park and 150 are watching.


As many times you want during the winter, we make re-shapes in your park. Especially for school holidays or just before special events.

With our experience we know some tips and tricks how to get a good flow for your daily maintenance in your park as well.

Operator training

We offer you customized practical training for your grooming operators and shaping staff in how to maintain a snow park. We also have a power point presentation that theoretically will cover most of what to know about how to run a snow park.

With some tricks and tips we learned over the years…

Events/photo shoots

Do you have a competition, photo shoot or any other event at your ski resort? Small or big, we build the arena for you. We have done projects in over 15 countries that have given us a long experience of arena constructions and how to plan big push works. Ask us for a quotation.

Park Signs

We design and customize info and safety signs for your snow park or your entire ski resort. Contact us and we will send you some examples how you can make your park look more professional.

3D Drawings/Animations

We provide you 3D plans and Animations to make a professional promotion of your snow park.


CONTACT US <- Send us your request here.